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The business



Cuy Games is a retail board game and puzzle store based in Peru, The store was launched in 2020 we have been building and upgrading their e-commerce website since the beginning. Despite having incredible success in sales they wanted to make a major upgrade on the UI and UX.

We began performing extensive research to find current problems with our previous design that might affect the business during its progressive growth.

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Optimizing the Navigation

We found that many board game and puzzle web stores in the industry don’t have clear navigation, One of the challenges was to improve the user experience with a very intuitive menu that allows users to find their products quickly.

Users wanted to discover
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Users go and search for specific products

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Users try to find something interesting to buy

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Previous navigation design

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How to improve the experience?



In order to provide a better experience, it was defined to generate a new full-width menu that provides additional information about each product category and visual support to allow a more intuitive navigation.


During research, we discovered a series of user pain points such as missing information and hard-to-spot buttons that might cause a negative shopping experience.


To enhance user experience across all devices it was necessary to fix some issues related to the adaptive responsiveness of the site to ensure positive feedback.

User Interface


Having different insights in mind, we were focused on creating an optimized experience for the website that meets business goals, and considering our previous research, we proceeded to redesign the new interface.


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Responsive design

We develop an adaptive navigation menu to offer more comfortable experience when looking for product categories, account access, favorite product list, and deals.

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Sidebar Menu

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The lack of product information on a website can increase drop-off rates due to extensive time to complete the user’s goal of completing a purchase.

How does this affect sales?
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Users having difficulties finding desired product quits

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Users have a negative experience when they don't see desired product information.

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Single product page

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Product attributes

In a gameboard and puzzle store we found that grouping the most important information about the products in a single section will allow users to read all the details quickly and make a faster purchase decision.

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Product archive



Filter and search results

The Cuygames store currently has over 2k different products in their catalog. We found that the listing page is where users can spend more navigation time while performing a product search.

To deliver an enjoyable and easy-to-use experience we optimize the product attributes in order to help users filter very quickly according to the product price, age, puzzle piece quantity, and playtime range. Also, we add the brand over each item to help users easily recognize the desired product. All this comes along with a full upgrade of the entire user interface and we loved the results.

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Mobile Responsiveness



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After we launched the new upgrade, we performed several user tests to collect feedback and enhance the final details of usability, accessibility, and responsiveness. These changes increased business conversions by over 27% in the second quarter of 2023, according to social media metrics.

Finally, the business started receiving positive feedback from customers, and our long-term relationship with allowed us to iterate and build a scalable and manageable e-commerce website.

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